Saturday, 31 May 2014

Swine Without Pearls

For years pundits, commentators and even panellists on television talk shows have described elections as beauty contests.

Beauty contests are shallow affairs based on looks, presentation and a lot of pancake make-believe. Judging by the overall voter turn-out of 34 per cent, many people think the same is true of Euro elections in that the Parliament in Brussels (and Strasbourg) appears to be all mouth and no trouser-suit. Swine without pearls.

Indeed those same people believe the same is true of our own Parliament which long ago surrendered vast chunks of its sovereignty. Politics is about appearance, not reality. Therefore it is a beauty contest.

Therefore Joey Barton had the metaphor right on Question Time when he opined that UKIP was the least ugliest of the four main parties.

He should not have subsequently apologised. The mouthy UKIP female MEP who objected evidently believes that men should mind their p's and q's when in the company of freshly-elected ladies.

Pretty soon all current affairs programmes will be preceded by a continuity announcer warning viewers with a delicate sensibility that they might be about to hear people employing metaphors to make a point.

Laughter, mockery, it seems, has become dangerous. Perhaps we should ban it.

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