Friday, 13 June 2008

West-Ministers & Euro-cats

for Richard North, Christopher Booker and the people of Eire who said 'No' to the Lisbon Treaty

If only we could throw them back,
the West-Ministers and Euro-cats,
the way deep-sea fishermen
are obliged to abandon
haddock and cod;
throw them back
into the sea of oblivion,
to drown in the shoals of God.


Anonymous said...

"Not so fast," sayeth Brussels Euro-cats, "our ambitions may be delayed, but will not be denied. We have been here when the Frenchies and the Netherlanders said no. We came back with a new name. Thus, we shall return. The trouble makers will not, we repeat, will not be allowed to thwart us again."

Anonymous said...

throw all them Euro-c(r)ats into the briny sea,
& when they pop up again as kippers,
I'll cook them all for tea!!

Anonymous said...


May God bless all the nations in Europe.